Portfolio Update

So, it’s time to update my portfolio. These last two years at Oompa have absorbed about all of my time; as you can see it’s been awhile since I’ve made a post…

Anyhow, now’s the time!  Keep your eyes on ianPark.us and ianDoes.com, I haven’t decided which one I want to use for the new portfolio page yet, but it’s most likely going to be one of the two.

With a new portfolio page comes new portfolio examples.  I’m not positive what I want to use, but here’s a list of what I’ve got so far for options.


  • Newspaper Ads (Isthmus, Wisconsin State Journal, Capital Times)
  • Email Blasts (Retail and Web)
  • Retail Signage
  • Web Content (Landing Pages, Product Photography, Blog Updates)

Lunchbox Reviews

  • Blog Design
  • Favicon Design


  • T-shirt Design
  • Product Photos (Shameless attempts to earn free cash)

Website Design

  • Cherry Creek Oriental Rugs
  • Chrysalis Village
  • Odd Tuesday Potluck
  • Ian Does


  • Fall Shirts
  • Spring Disc
  • Summer Jerseys

Random Other Stuff

  • Stalk
  • Loonfoot
  • Old ianPark.us Ideas
  • Atlas Posters
  • Old School Stuff
  • ACD Logo
  • Madison Chamber Orchestra Logo
  • Nicole’s Logo
  • Twitter Backgrounds
  • Artsy Photos
  • Magitron

Cherry Creek Oriental Rugs

My latest project is for Cherry Creek Oriental Rugs, located in Denver.  I started the project with the same base code I used for the portfolio page of this site, called Klaveer.  It’s a nice collection of JavaScript and layout styles that allow a quick page build.  My first version was a little on the clunky side, but as I continue to work out the kinks I feel like I’m beginning to realize some of the potential I had hoped was there.  The latest version of Cherry Creek Oriental Rugs can be found here.

And here’s a quick sample image of the site to date.  (Oooo, I haven’t tried adding images to the blog yet!)

Basic site layout, no content yet.

Basic site layout, no content yet.

Let It Begin

I finally have a digital camera to call my own.  With my new Cannon PowerShot SD1200 I can create the images needed for new sites!  In addition to being able to work on my portfolio page again, now I can actually create a few of the blogs I’ve been wanting to do.  Stay tuned for my first two food review blogs.  IanDoesPizza.com is the first on the chopping block!

Imagining Change

While I realize this post has nothing to do with design work, it applies to the concept of creating myself, so I figured it’s worth writing…

For any readers who traipse back through the records of time to find my thoughts before I had any readers, I’ve been in a funk lately.  Not just a funk, I’ve been a bit on the miserable side lately.  The love of my life has moved away and there is no guarantee that we will ever live in the same state again.  Yes, misery worthy in my opinion, but for how long?  As semi-enlightened beings we have more control over ourselves than we give us credit for.

What makes us different from other mammals?  I’d say you can boil it down to one thing: Imagination.  Each one of us is an expert at imagining.  Whether that means, picturing the eventual outcome of a situation, or trying to figure out were we lost our keys, every scenario plays out within seconds.  Of course most of us are well practiced at using this power masochistically, and spending most of our time imagining what can go wrong (or more often remembering what already did).  But there is an other side to the page. We set goals, we make plans, we imagine ourselves at our best.

Today I imagined how I wished to feel, and my feelings changed.  Tomorrow I will imagine the version of myself I wish to become.


Well there we go, almost every graphic has been re-made, and the blog is now my blog.  I think it’s time to start adding something other than placeholder pictures in to the portfolio section.  Although… they are pictures of Nicole.  And Nicole is now gone…   Maybe I can leave them up for just a little bit longer, in case I get lonely.

With any luck I’ll be able to organize the piles of back-logged projects I have into something cohesive…  Wanna bet?  And just for the sake of one more ellipsis…

The Big Redesign

In preparation for the full redesign of my blog I’ve reset all the images to labeled border graphics.  Of course, this makes the blog impossible to read, but helps give me an understanding of what gets used where without trying to pick through the code.  With very little readership and no SEO for this site yet, hopefully no one will notice.


Well, after learning a bit more about <div> tags and finding a javascript I liked (thanks Highslide), I’ve managed to get a few images on the portfolio page as place holders.  I need to do a little bit more organizing and figure out what I’d actually like to have there, but at least now all that’s left to do is image swapping.

The next project will be theme editing.  I’m currently using SoulVision for a code base.  Its setup works well for easy editing (better than most anyway).  I’ve already switched out the banner image, but I’m now in the process of redoing all of the background images and link boxes, etc…  This is where picking a specific style is going to require more thinking than I’ve done up to this point.

The Portfolio Page

Well, with a little work and some trial and error, the Portfolio page (tab at the top) seems to be up and running.  There isn’t anything there yet, of course, but I’ve got a few ideas.  The next question is weather to go with an embedded flash style page (more time consuming but also much more attractive), or so simple Java links using Lightbox or one of the other pretty thumbnail enlargers.

I’m sure I’ll end up using the Portfolio Page as a quick reference or archive to work I talk about as I go.  That being the case, something less work intensive seems to be the answer.  Little thumbnails here I come!


Now this is starting to get a bit tricky.  I’m trying to build a portfolio page for artwork, but it requires creating an HTML page outside of the built in wordpress functions.  Right now that page can be found at creatingmyself.com/portfolio.html but I’d like to be able to link to it from the portfolio “page” tab at the top of the screen.  Since that isn’t built into the easily edited theme PHP it is proving a little trickier to change.

Ah ha!  The solution has presented itself in the form of a simple plug in called Page Links To.

Getting Started

Well, I finally motivated myself to get a little work done on the blog.  Now that its looking a little spiffier I’m ready to start making actual posts!

I’m planning on using the blog to post and discuss design work as I get projects.  My big project right now is with ACD a local board game distribution company.  I’m going to be working on the newsletter for the time being, but I’m hoping to also come up with a logo design or two.  Maybe I’ll post a few of the unused designs when I get home for your amusement.